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Back in the olden days, the hearth was the centerpiece of any home. Give your home a beautiful stone or brick fireplace and hearth area. Turn to the professional masons of Stonecrafters Midwest, LLC for great prices and results on all projects. We can use a variety of high quality stones and bricks to give your fireplace the unique look that will warm up your living space.

Enjoy an authentic, timeless feel in your home

We are a full service chimney, fireplace, hearth, and masonry project installer. We have over 17 years of experience.

- Stone veneer

- Brick

- Decorative brick

- High grade stone

Great prices on quality products

Create a cozy home with a brand new, gorgeous fireplace surround. Real stone is not the only way to get this look. Today's cast-stone veneer innovations look so much like the real thing, with many styles and great prices.


Trust in our team to get your project completed quickly with outstanding results.

Low prices on durable, great looking veneers

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fireplace project.


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